3 Apps I’m Using to Get It Done


I recently switched to this to-do list/GTD manager. It looks great and works great as well. I love how stripped down the appearance looks. It looks like something straight from Apple. The functionality is great too. Mac and iPhone apps are available for free with a promised iPad app in the works.

iPhone image on 2013-06-18 at 10-29-56

Google Search

When Google added Google Now to the search app, I downloaded it. I love how it provides information I want before I know I want it. It presents ‘cards’ on the bottom of the app with relevant information. It gives me weather for where I am and where I’m going (it knows because of my calendar), tells me what my next calendar event it, gives me live scores for my Braves, and even lets me know about upcoming travel. Seriously, check it out.

iPhone image on 2013-06-18 at 10-29-21

Budget Notes

My wife and I have looked for awhile for a way to manage our budget. In the past, we’d write every expense on a sheet of paper and add up our categories a couple of times a week. Budget Notes for iPad does that for us. We still put our expenses in, but it adds it and even gives us some graphs and information about our month. The thing I like about it is the UI and not having to tie it to a bank account. For some, that may be a deal breaker, but for me, it makes the app great.


What apps are helping you get it done?


    1. Yeah. Heard of a lot of people that like that one. I just don’t like the idea of it being tied to my bank account. I’m sure it’s perfectly safe, I just can’t shake that though. Haha. Thanks man. Good to hear from you!

      1. Yea, i’ve had some major issues with it, but it’s nothing that i’m too worried about. They have a huge user-base, and are very helpful when things come up. It’s secure as well.

  1. I live off evernote. I have it open on at least one device constantly.

    I tried a bunch of GTD apps and todoist was one of my favorites. But I learned I preferred paper for my actual functioning to-do’s. I use “tomorrow” to dump things into and offload it twice a day for processing.

    Great list. I need to check out Budget Notes. It looks great.

    1. Yeah. I’m really liking it. So clean and functional. Love how you can indent tasks and projects to make them subtasks and sub projects. Great for organization freaks like me.


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