Why Reese Cups Are God’s Favorite Candy

I love Reese cups. My favorite ice cream involves Reese Cups, my favorite brownies have Reese Cups in them, my favorite candy is, you guessed it, Reese Cups. I’m what some would call a fanatic. I prefer to call myself spiritual. (Please don’t take this post too seriously.)

I have to believe Reese Cups are God’s favorite candy too. Here are 3 reasons it just has to be true…

Reese Cups are Diverse

God created no two people the same. God created people diverse. People speak different languages, are different races, and come from different cultural backgrounds. God likes diversity. He love everyone.

Reese cups are a diverse candy. Peanut butter and chocolate. Brown and black. Sweet and slightly salty. Reese cups are the epitome of diversity when it comes to candy. God has to love them!

Reese Cups are Sweet

God loves people. God offers all people grace. Jesus was graceful to the sinners of his day. We’re called to follow Jesus. We’re called to be sweet and pleasant with the people around us. God loves, so we love.

Reese cups have chocolate. They’re sweet to taste. God likes em for sure.

Reese Cups Come in Pairs

God built us for relationship. From the very beginning, it wasn’t good for us to be alone. From the very beginning, we were called to multiply and get more people around us. God likes multiples and community.

Reese cups have been packaged in pairs for decades. They like to be together. It’s not just enough to eat one, we need the Reese cups to be together. God respects and appreciates that!

That’s my reasoning. You see, with that in mind, I can eat an extra one here and there and not worry about calories or anything else. If God likes it, He’ll take care of the fat and calories in the long run. Eat away!

What’s your favorite candy?


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