Decision Making: What Kind Are You?

.Inc had an article a few weeks ago about 5 different types of decision makers.

Articles like that one always make me do a type of “self discovery” and make me think through where I am on the scale. I thought the names of the stages were great. Most people probably fall somewhere within these.

The types it listed are…


The visionary decision maker is “a champion of radical change with a natural gift for leading people through turbulent times.”


A guardian is a “model of fairness who preserves the health, balance, and values of the organization.”


Motivators are good choices for change. They are charismatic, can convince people of the need for action, and build alignment among parts of the company.


Flexible leaders are, as you might expect from the name, more versatile than other types of leaders: “comfortable with uncertainty, open minded in adapting to circumstances, and willing to involve a variety of people in the decision making.”


The catalyst is an excellent person to lead the work of groups, whether making decisions or implementing them.

I think it’s probably true that many of us cross over into more than one type. Looking at this, I think I’m probably the motivator and guardian type.

Just curious…

Which are you?


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