Reaching The World: Millennials Don’t Want Your Packaged Faith

I read this article last week from Basically, the article says that today’s generation (millennials/geny) is buying less stuff. The reason, the article says, is because stuff is available anywhere and everywhere. Whatever we want (theoretically), we can get no matter where we live or who we are.

So, companies and businesses have to adjust to this new idea of buying and shopping. No longer is the product the source of buying for today’s generation.

The article lists 3 reasons people buy things in the millennial generation…

1. People buy things because of what they can do with them – It’s about the experience

2. People buy things because ow what they can tell others about it – It’s about connection

3. People buy things because of what having it says about them – It’s a social thing

Now, businesses aren’t the only ones that have to adjust, Christians in general have to adjust. I really believe that this new idea is in the favor of the Church.

We have THE thing that provides experience, connection, and identity. We have the advantage. We can’t, though, continue providing a pretty and flashy product and expect it to get the job done.

No one wants something that’s all show and no substance… all in a pretty package, but is void of real value.

So, we have to quit selling a product and begin selling a real, authentic relationship. We get back to simple, living it out kind of faith.

Want to reach my generation for Christ? Quit offering something that looks good on the outside and begin offering something that changes people and lives.

It’s going to require building relationships and investing in them.

Show them how Jesus has changed you. Tell them how what you believe has changed you. Let young people see the life changing potential in a relationship with Jesus.

Live it out.

What have you found effective in reaching 20 somethings?

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