3 Things Young Leaders Should Have On Their Schedule

Being a young leader (or any kind of leader) can be an overwhelming duty. Being young and feeling like you’re always trying to overcome your lack of experience or life experience can make it even tougher. The challenges that come with leading anything require much of us.

We care about the vision. For those of us that are young, it’s often someone else’s vision that we’re championing, but it still takes time and energy to help move toward accomplishing that vision. Sometimes, time management and priorities can be a challenge.

Here are 3 things I’ve found that all young leaders (leaders in general too) should make sure are a part of their schedule…

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Exercise time

It’s hard to do. Schedule it. If you hate it, try to make it fun. Vary what you’re doing. Tell yourself you’re just gonna do 10 minutes. Maybe that 10 minutes will turn into 30 or 60. Get going. Do something. Your physical health is important!

People time 

That’s what it’s really about, right? Especially for those of us that lead in the Church. People are the number one priority. Sure, other things play a part in our leadership, but it eventually always comes down to people… they’re the ones we’re leading. In the process of managing things and papers, don’t forget about the people. Make time for them. Stay aware of their importance.

Down time

We have to unplug… trust me. It’s one thing to be ‘available’, it’s another to be ignorant of our emotional and spiritual health. Take time to unplug. Watch a movie, listen to music, watch sports, or do anything that helps you unplug from the demands of leading. For those of us that are young, taking time daily will keep us from having to take a larger amount of time later. Work hard? Yes. Take down time? Definitely.

What would you add, young leader?
What would you add, experienced leader?