How to Make Your Faith Work

Noah was 600 years old when the flood covered the earth. (Genesis 7:6)

Imagine this…

You’re 600 years old.
You’re a stranger to rain.
You’re asked to build a boat… A big boat.

That seems ludicrous.

That’s where Noah was.
He found himself in unfamiliar territory with strange instructions.

What did he have?


So he did.

He built.

He put his faith in action.

We miss that step many times.

Faith does.

Faith moves us to do something beyond what we would normally think was possible or what most people would consider “normal.”

My question to you? My question to myself?

Is my faith DOING?

Faith that does moves beyond wishful thinking and into solid belief.
Faith that does grows because it’s been tested and has passed through the fire.
Faith that does looks at what’s around, but trusts Who holds it all in His hands.

Regardless of how tough it may be or how tired I may be or how big the waters rolling in seem.

My faith must DO.

One Comment

  1. We all read this story and although it’s a remarkable and amazing story, can you imagine the ridicule and persecution he indured building a boat on dry land. As Christians, I imagine we miss the mark or don’t achieve our goals and aspirations because we don’t have the faith to press on inspite of what other may say.


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