The Game of Consistency: The Story of Life

The MLB season started last week. It’s kind of like Christmas to those of us that love baseball. Now, I know that there are those (though you’re WRONG) that believe baseball is one of those sports that moves way to slow and who’s season lasts way too long. What I love about the baseball season, though, is the consistency that it brings.

Baseball, over the course of 162 games played almost everyday, requires a grind and consistency that no other sport requires. In fact, over that long season, we are given the best idea of who the best teams really are because they had to be great each day.

That’s the way life is…

It’s not about being great and showing up just one day, but everyday.
It’s not about the ups or downs, but the consistency in between.
It’s not about living a disciplined life on occasion, but consistently.
It’s not about loving other people very now and then, but consistently.

Bring it everyday!

So, sit back and enjoy the long baseball season. At the end of it, you’ll know who the best team is.

They’re the ones that brought it each day… That brought it consistently.

So, are you a baseball fan? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I love baseball! I am a fan of the Atlanta Braves myself. :)

    And I also love the analogy about consistency. It is easy to love others for one day. It is easy to be dependable for a couple days at a time. But we find out quickly if we are living in our strength or God’s strength when life gets a bit difficult.

    If we rely on God (we are consistently pursuing Him), we are much less likely to tire out and quit. Our “ball games” of life will not only be consistent, but will approve over time as He takes us from glory to glory. :)

    Awesome post!


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