The One Thing You Need to Kill

The thing that isn’t working.

I know it sounds obvious. You’re probably thinking, “Duh, why am I even reading this.” The truth is, though, that people everywhere are doing things that aren’t effective.

They’ve been doing them for years.
They’re still doing them.

Churches all across the country have ministries and methods that simply aren’t working.
But they haven’t killed them.

The reason?

It’s really not this simple, but it’s often because they don’t know what to do in place of it. That, or they’re afraid that someone is going to miss it and grumble a little.

If it’s not working, kill it.

That way of loving your spouse.
That way of disciplining your kids.
That way of relating to your friends.
That way of reaching your workplace or school.
That way of reaching your city as a church.
That way of serving the underprivileged.
That way of discipleing your children.
That way of discipleing your church members.

If it’s not working, kill it.

You’re wasting time, energy, resources, and credibility.

There may not be something to replace it.

There may be. Decide what needs to change, what has changed around you since it was effective, and what new thing could be done to be effective. Then, make decisive movement.

If it’s not working, give it up.

For your sake.
For your family’s sake.
For your church’s sake.

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