Half Full or Half Empty? Problems or Solutions?

I’m not an “everything is always rosy” person. I do, though, think that there is a lot of power in how we think and that we can speak things with our words that really do come to pass. I don’t believe enough attention is paid to the fact that we, as Christians, need to be a positive thinking people.

Sure, we suffer. Jesus did. He said we would too.
Sure, we have to be sympathetic and share the load with each other.

But, thinking positively and believing for the best hold great power for us all.

Which dominates your thinking?

Do you tend to think on the positive side or negative?
Do you always think about the worst, or do you believe and remain hopeful for the best?
Do you see problems, or do you see solutions?

It really is a matter of attitude and mindset.

Today, think about what could go right, rather than how it could go wrong. Sure, be prepared and never excuse laziness for positive thinking.

But find solutions, not problems.
Find the best in others, don’t always think about the negative.

Think in faith. Believe. Solve.

What do you think?

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