2 Things About Communicating

It seems like we all say it at some point. It goes something like, “I guess it was just bad communication.” The truth is, communication is one of life’s most precious gifts. Good communication can prevent wars, can start wars, can cause marriages to flounder, and can save a lost soul. It’s not all just in what you communicate… it’s often in how you communicate it.

Here are 2 random, but important things about communication…

If you communicate everything, you communicate nothing.
The truth is, our brains can only handle so much information at a time. We can only soak in so much and our attention spans only allow us to listen so long. Communicate what’s important, not everything that could be said. Whether you’re talking to your child, having a conversation with your boss, or typing out a church newsletter, remember, communicate the essential, not just the possible.

Clarity trumps creativity.
In communication, be clear before being witty or creative in how you say it. You see, creativity may greatly increase the effectiveness of communication is it’s clear… if it’s unclear, though, creativity may only complicate it. Be clear. Be succinct. Then, be creative in how you communicate.

What about you… any more tips for communication?

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  1. Great post JP!
    I would add: THINK before you communicate. No matter what form of communication you choose, an ill advised, unthought through statement can damage whatever you were trying to communicate.

    1. I like Michael’s thought. We have an expression in our family, “Think twice before speaking once.” Some times we react with inappropritate responses that can hurt a relationship. On another point, I still think face to face communication is best. Social media makes for an instant response tool but you need to “read” a person’s eyes and body language to receive the full message.

  2. Let written communication sit then come back to it and edit. Many times I go back to my own work and wonder what I was trying to say! If I can’t follow my own thoughts, others won’t be able to.

    Bullet point are great too…eliminate unnecessary words.


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