4 Reasons Leaders Should Tweet

Twitter has grown like wildfire over the last couple of years. It’s gone from being “that thing kinda like Facebook status” to “twitter, I can’t believe you don’t use it yet.” Still, though, some still refuse to make the jump to using it on a regular basis.

With that said, here are 4 reasons every leader should use twitter…

1. Helps you build relationship – The truth is, all social media is about being SOCIAL. It’s really about relationship. Twitter helps us build these with people we would normally never have a chance to meet or talk to. It also helps us build relationships with those that we’re leading. It gives them a glance into our lives as they happen. They can interact with us without feeling like they’re intruding.

2. Helps you learn to be clear in communication – When I talk to someone in person, other things besides just their words “speak” to me. Their body language, the volume of their voice, and their facial expressions say a lot in face to face coversation. With twitter, we don’t have the luxury of expressing ourselves in other ways… our words are it. We have to be clear and to the point. It helps us cut out some of the confussing language in order to be understood.

3. Helps you learn to be brief – Twitter has a 140 character limit for each update/tweet. That character limit makes it important that you cut to the chase with each update. Tweeting regularly helps me communicate without takin up a lot of space/time.

4. Helps you set the example – The truth is, many of the people you lead are on twitter. If you work with/for an organization that could easily be harmed by a bad or inappropriate update from one of its members, tweeting helps you (the leader of those members) set the standard for what to tweet. They see your example and no when not to ‘go there.’

What do you think? Is it important that leaders use twitter? 

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