Life & Leadership From Moe’s

I love Moe’s.

If you’ve never been to a Moe’s, it basically a Southwest burrito joint. You go through the line, place your order, and tell them what you want on your burrito or salad. The food is great at Moe’s, but there’s a lot more about going to Moe’s than just the food.

The way that Moe’s serves guests food is pretty cool too. The atmosphere and the employees help make a Moe’s restaurant what it really is. Last week, I went to Moe’s and wrote down these 3 life and leadership lessons that someone could learn from their local Moe’s…

1. Passion. A good life is lived passionately. Good leadership is done passionately.

Each time I go to a Moe’s, I’m met with a “Welcome to Moe’s!” at the front door. It’s a company policy to greet each guest with excitement. They are passionate about what they do.

2. Consistency. Whatever you do, do it consistently.

I don’t ever yell back at the Moe’s employees after the scream, “Welcome to Moe’s!” Even though I don’t ever respond, they continue to greet me each time. They’re consistent with their service and their food. The food always taste the same. If I order what I got last time with the same toppings, it always tastes the same. We need to be people of consistency. We are what we consistently do.

3. Fun. Learn from Moe’s. Let loose. Have fun.

Have fun. The people and the atmosphere at Moe’s makes eating there fun. Make time for fun. Have fun with the people you lead. Have fun with your family. Have fun with the people you do life with. Plan for fun. Have spontaneous fun. Just have fun.


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