10 iOS Apps to Grow Your Faith

I’m an app junkie. I’ve talked about that before. Here’s another app suggestion post…

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to see what all my iPad and iPhone could offer as far as devotion and faith apps. I downloaded a bunch and deleted a bunch. Here are some of the best…

Most of these are itunes links and universal apps…

Bible Gateway

Life Application Study Bible

Daily faith (Developer Link)

Inspirational Bible Verses

Daily Bible Devotions

Jesus Calling

BBH Daily Devotional

Today: a daily Bible Devotional (iPhone link)

John Piper Daily Devotional

Day One Journal (iPad link)


VJournal for Evernote

Alright, add your own. Share your suggestions…


  1. Erik Barrett

    Awesome list I’m going to save these, I to love apps!! Question do you not prefer the bible app from Lifechurch.tv? Granted they were the first ones to make an app, which probably why everyone has that one!! But just a thought!!

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed using Daily Faith. I’ve updated the free and paid app (both iPhone and Android version) recently along with the rest of the apps available from Tap Tap Studio. Do check them out the next time you go free apps hunting. :)


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