Set Goals. Accomplish More. You Can Do It For 60 Days

Over the last several months, I’ve been more intentional than ever about making, setting, and meeting goals.

I’ve seen other “goal” people in the past and thought I’d never be able to do it. After some thought and prayer, I’ve come up with a little practice that I’ve found helpful. I thought I’d outline here… Not to tell you how to do it, but to maybe inspire you to start something new…

My goals are based on a 60 day span.

That seems to work for me. Any longer than this and I tend to really lose steam. 60 days divides the year into 6 segments, so it just works.

I outline 3 areas to focus on.

That doesn’t mean that I abandon other practices and areas of life, it just means that those are the ones I’m really pushing forward and stretching through for that 60 days.

Here are the areas I’ve identified that I need to concentrate on. Again, I only do 3 each 60 day cycle.

1. Spiritual – my relationship with God
2. Physical – my relationship with my body. Usually a workout/eating goal
3. Financial – my relationship with our money. This may be something to pay off or pay down or something to save.
4. Personal – my relationship with myself. This is usually a sleep, a reading, or a habit goal.
5. Relational – my relationship with others.
6. Professional – my relationship with my job. This is usually something I want to see us accomplish or something I want to have done at the office and church.

I keep track of all this in my task manager

They’ve recently added a Goals list that makes it easy to add action steps and timeline details to it. Before I had an Evernote notebook of goals.

Again, this is a process I do every 60 days that I believe God has given me. It’s just an idea and not a formula. Take of it what you want and leave the rest. The important thing? Stretch yourself.

What about you? Any goal setting wisdom to share?


  1. This year my goal is to do something new for 30 days. Probably not as long as I need to start a habit, but gives me a chance to do focus on a specific thing. For January I made it a goal to eat no foods/drinks with added sugar. February was “Photo a Day.”

  2. I went through a PUSH group challenge for 30 days. I read the book PUSH by Chalene Johnson, and participated in her online daily videos. She helped me so much in getting organized and setting goals. I use the app Seize the Day on my iPhone to keep up with daily goals, upcoming goals, and at some point goals. This has been such game changer for me!

    I would recommend anything that Chalene Johnson offers in personal development!


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