Treadmill Life & Leadership

One of the things I do everyday (well, most days) is get on the treadmill and run a few miles. I don’t do it because I necessarily enjoy it or because I like seeing myself sweat, but rather because it’s something that I know I should be doing.

A few days ago, I was running on the same treadmill that I use most days and had this thought…

“I hope my life doesn’t go like this.”

What I meant was I think it’s really easy for you and I to get into the routine of life and do a lot of things, but go nowhere.

I think it’s easy for leaders to get in the habit of doing stuff and never doing stuff to get anywhere… they’re just running on the treadmill.

We know that we need to be doing something,
we know that standing still isn’t right,
so we get busy doing anything.

The problem?

I never get anywhere on the treadmill.

I sweat and get tired, but I don’t get anywhere.

It’s easy for us to do that.

Sometimes, it’s easier for us young people to do it because we feel like we have to prove ourselves through hard work and a good work ethic…

that’s true, but if we’re just spinning our wheels, we’re not proving ourselves – we’re just wearing ourselves down.

Concentrate your effort.

Don’t do just because you feel like you need to be busy…
do because you want to GET SOMEWHERE.

Your thoughts? How can we be sure we’re doing more than just spinning our wheels? What makes us get busy just for busy sake?


  1. Great post. My 2 cents: Personal goals and vision are essential. No matter what you do, having personal goal and a vision for your life will give you a sense of purpose. It’s not enough to just say, “I go to work”, you have to have a “why”…a target to aim for and shoot at…a reason to focus. Having goals and vision gives you that.


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