Are You Craveable?

My pastor and friend, Artie Davis, releases his new book in just a few days. Having read this in the process of him writing it, I can vouch for how great and challenging of a book it really is. It’s one of those “make you think and ask the right questions” kinds of books.

I thought I’d just share a few of my favorite quotes from the book. These can be found on the book’s web-site too.

You MUST demonstrate BEFORE you communicate.” #Craveable

“I can be doing the right thing with a bad attitude and destroy the good I have just done.” #Craveable

Do + Say + Display = Perception #Craveable

“Our 1st objective as Christ- followers is to help people find, follow & be like Jesus.” #Craveable

“We can’t accept salvation without accepting the mission that comes with it.” #Craveable

“I can’t help people if I’m not involved with people.” #Craveable

“No matter if uve been part of the kingdom 1 week or 20 years, God has people He wants u to impact.”#Craveable

Those are just the beginning of the great stuff that is coming out of this book!

You can visit the book’s site here or order it on Amazon here.

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