Why Everyone Else Is Evil!

We all do it.

It’s part of our fallen state.

It plays a special role in pride.

It can make us feel on top of the world.
It can make us feel at the bottom of the food chain…

In a matter of minutes… seconds.

What is it?

Placing our value in others’ opinions.

You see, I’ve noticed something…

When I listen too much to everyone else, and not enough on the One that created me, I begin to get tossed around in a deceitful wave of self pride.

When I put all my value in what others’ think, I begin to act differently, think differently, and adjust accordingly. I’m constantly trying to stay in safe ground with the people that determine my value. So, I become, not who I’m supposed to be, but who I suppose they want me to be.

‘They’ really are evil.

Or, maybe it’s me.

Maybe, I need to be reminded often that God loves me the way I am, but also wants me to reflect him more and more each day.
Maybe, I need to be reminded that what others’ think of me is far less important than the daily decision to be and do what God’s called me to be and do.

Maybe we all need that reminder.

Do you?


  1. Isn’t everyone but God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit & the angels that serve them evil, because we cannot hope to attain God’s perfection and the angels would be following satan instead of God if they were evil, because the angels do not have a salvation plan? Maybe I am wrong about the angels never done a deep analysis if there are allowances for the angels where they could fail and still serve God.

  2. Hal Baird

    Jonathan: You have hit the nail on the head with this blog. I am always reminded of the song lyrics Sammy Davis made popular years ago when he sang, “I’ve Got to Be Me”. It can be a challenge. When we realize we need to please God in our thoughts and actions and not our relationships, we have the answer. I, like you, sometimes worry about what others think of me and that is wrong to do. People who are true friends and who truly love us are those who accept us for what we are. I am blessed to have such people in my life. I can honestly say there is true love between these people and me and that is a blessing.

  3. Dude, I definitely need this reminder. There is a great deal of tension between creating content on a blog to encourage others and feeling the need for feedback (blog traffic & comments).


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