3 Tips for Clearer Communication

Communication is one of the back bones of human culture. Communication keeps the world in motion and people moving.

That being said, we often stink at communicating clearly and succinctly.

Here are 3 things I’ve found that help most when communicating…

Don’t assume

Don’t assume people know something… if you feel like it needs to be communicated, communicate it. Some people hold back on this one because they feel as if they’re questioning the intelligence of the other person or group when they communicate the obvious. The truth, though, is that valuable information often gets lost because we assume that other people already know it.


Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself. If you’re talking about a key meeting, repeat yourself several times. Have something your kids have to know? Repeat it. Don’t be afraid of repetition in communication. In fact, repetition is the confirmation in communication. It often helps, too, if we repeat what we’re communicating in different ways. Rephrase it. Repeat it.

Proof Read

This is one that I often get wrong (even on this blog). When we fail to proof read, we often end up communicating a nuance or a feeling that we never intended. An auto correct can quickly change what we’re communicating. Be sure that what you’re saying or writing makes sense. When in doubt, don’t abbreviate at all… especially if it’s in a professional setting.

Those are my 3, any to add?


  1. I would add “say what you mean”. Too often when communicating we beat around the bush. Say it clear, say it plainly. That way there are fewer instances of missed/poor communication because of “What I meant to say…”.
    Also, really important stuff should always be communicated personally.

  2. Proof reading is very important, and something I don’t do enough of either. I would suggest that people read their posts out loud before they publish them. I almost always find mistakes that I missed when I do this.


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