Get Where You’re Going, However You’re Going

Melissa and I bought a house about 6 months ago. The house isn’t very far from the office I go to work at each day. Being someone that likes to do things as fast as possible, I spent the first few weeks we were in the new house going every way I could think of to work.

Sometimes, I’d turn right out of the driveway…
Sometimes left.

Sometimes, I’d avoid the highway…
Sometimes I would take it.

I just wanted to find the best way to get to work.

In the end, though…

I always arrived at the exact same place.

I always got to work.

I always knew where I was going and always managed to get there.

Why tell that story?

Because I think we forget that in life, it’s really important to get the right place…
Not that we get there a certain way.

It’s important that we do what we’re created to do,
the way WE’RE supposed to do it.

It’s important that we don’t compare our how with others.
That we do it our way.

It’s important that we’re who we need to be.
That we get to the right place.

How are you getting to the right place?

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