On Safely Dying or Dying Effectively

We avoid risks in life so we can make it safely to death. – Unknown

Think about it….

Many of us go through life just trying to make it through.

Making it to the next day.

  • To the next weekend.
  • To the next vacation.
  • To the next project.
  • To the next task.

We go from weekend to weekend, vacation to vacation, project to project, task to task just trying to stay ahead, just trying to get by. We go from each day to the next often with the idea that we just don’t want to mess anything up. We just want to stay comfortable.

So, we avoid risks so we don’t’ have to die without our safety net.

At least, that’s ultimately where it all heads.

  • Without risk.
  • Without putting our heart out there.
  • Without stepping out in faith.

We’re just dying safely.

I want more than that.

I want risk with a point.


  1. John Bates

    Excellent! I completely agree. Moreover, if we really learn to focus on Jesus, we notice the risk less. If we’re concentrating on the leap, we don’t notice the chasm.


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