3 Things We Don’t Realize We’re Saying With Our Body Language

So much of the way you and I communicate is without a single word.

In fact, just a few days ago, I was having a conversation with someone who seemed to be engaged in what they were saying, but said something completely opposite with their body language.

I know I’m guilty of this too. I’m sure you are as well…

Of being in a conversation, but not really… at least not fully.

Here are 3 things we often say with our body language that we’d never verbalize with words…

1. I’m not interested.

We often say this right off the bat in a conversation. Someone walks up to you and begins to talk, we show our dis-interest by looking around instead of at the person talking to us. Sometimes, we even begin to cut them off multiple times in the middle of their sentence because we’re ready to move on.

2. You’re not important.

We say this to people all the time when we put our hands on our hips or lean to one side. When this happens, we’re basically telling the other person that they’re not important enough to engage in the conversation, but we’ve been ‘caught’ and are stuck taking to them for a little while.

3. I’m offended.

It happens. We say something or someone says something to use and it’s a little offensive. Not offensive enough for us to verbalized anything, so we touch our face or cross our arms instead. This shows we’re suddenly on guard and want to see where the person is going in their conversation.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

Some of these actions don’t always mean we feel the way they seem. I, for one, cross my arms A LOT. Crossing my arms is usually a comfort thing for me because my back has a tendency to stiffen up. So, don’t see these as absolutes, but more as cautions.

What we don’t say, says a lot.

So, what other things do we often say without saying it?


  1. Body language is a huge aspect to communication and connecting with people. I’ve heart our body language speaks louder than what we are saying. It’s important to make sure our body language is matching our words.

    Insightful post Jonathan!


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