Lift With Your Friends, Not Your Back

A few months ago, I was getting ready to go somewhere and accidentally dropped my wedding ring behind the dresser.

You know how this goes…

I’m in a hurry to leave the house.
No one else is at home but me.
I know my wife is meeting me and I need my wedding ring.

So, I do what any good husband would do…

I got a fly swatter and tried to get to the wedding ring without moving the dresser.

No luck.

So, I went to plan B…

I grabbed one corner of the dresser, lifted, and shimmied the dresser out from the wall.
I did this on each corner until there was enough space for me to reach my hand behind the dresser and get my ring.

Being a little OCD, I did the same thing to move the dresser back to its original spot (in the divots that it made in the carpet before).

A couple of months later, my wife and I were moving and I had gotten some friends to help me move. When it came time to move the dresser, we each grabbed a corner and carried it out of the house with much problem. What had taken me a lot of effort and heartache took nothing when I had enlisted help from some other capable people.

Life is kinda like that.

We are some much better, more productive, and more efficient when we have the help of others.
When we’re all moving in the same direction with each other.

Don’t be a lone ranger.
Get help.
Move together.

Move with some friends, not alone.


  1. I’m so bad at asking for help. Usually I think I’m doing everyone else a favor by “taking care of it on my own,” but I”m learning, slowly but surely, that people actually want to help, that it makes them feel loved and needed, and that I’m worthy of their time/energy! It’s totally freeing and I love it. Thanks for writing this. Great reminder.


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