3 Crazy Statements We All Make

I’d die if…

Seriously?!? I’ve heard this statement a lot. It’s usually from a kind of immature or dramatic person,, but it gets said all the time. I mean really, unless it’s followed by “… a car was dropped on me” or “… I got in a thumb war with a gorilla,” it’s probably not accurate.

You aren’t going to die because some trivial something did or didn’t happen in your life. We tend to blow a lot of things out of proportion in the heat of the moment. Breathe…

I don’t mean any harm, but…

But you really do. That’s why we put this little addition on to our sentences.. because we know it’s going to harm. If you don’t mean any harm, you don’t say you don’t. That’s like saying, “I’m not 8 feet tall” every time you introduce yourself. You wouldn’t do that because it’s not relevant. We say, “I don’t mean any harm” because we probably know we do… or will.

No harm, no foul.

Sure there’s harm, or you wouldn’t be saying this one either. We don’t go around saying this because we just got blessed with a new corvette, we say it because something hurt or we hurt someone else. What we should probably say instead is something like, “It hurt, but I’ll move on soon.” That would be a more accurate statement.

So, What statements do you make or hear like these?


  1. I think the “die” things are the ones we hear the most as well as “It’s killing me” like a headache. The headache is not killing you. “Its going to be the death of me”. If we would stop and realize what is coming out of our mouths, we would change what we say!

  2. The comment I’ve said and heard is, “I apologize if I have offended you.” Which really means: If you’re weak and got your feelings hurt, then I suppose I’ll be the bigger man and say sorry.

    Either I’m sorry or not. Either you’re sorry or not. True repentance doesn’t rely on someone else’s feelings.

  3. Robin

    I love the way we Southern women will cut another woman to the core and then think it is ok because we follow it with, “bless her heart”.


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