Motives Matter: Our Key to the Miraculous

I love the story of Peter and John healing the lame man in Acts 3. It’s one of those stories that I always read and think, “Gosh, I wish I could do that.”

The truth, I could… or Christ could through me.

You see, the thing that Peter and John had wasn’t some great lame man healing drug.
They didn’t have the latest how to book of healing beggars.
They didn’t have a get up and walk potion.
They didn’t have a planned procedure for lame man healing.
They didn’t even go to a healers’ conference (they obviously couldn’t have afforded skinny jeans, admission, and a hotel). :-)

They had a right motive.

Their motive was beyond them…
it was beyond proving to everyone that they could do something miraculous…

It was more about proving that God could do the miraculous.

And he wants to do it in and through us each and every day.
I really believe that.
You should too.

Your life, my life, and the life of every person that has Christ living inside of them can be a life of miraculous and glorious representations of the Savior that is risen for all man-kind.

We need to check our motives.

It has to be beyond us. It has to be more than just showing off our miracle powers.

It has to be about proving that God can do the miraculous… that he has done the miraculous.

That he loves me.
That he loves you.
That he loves them.

Just a little reminder…

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