One Great Idea, Everything Changed

Every time I fly, I’m reminded that one great idea by one or two people can change thing forever.

Think about the last time you flew somewhere…

  • You got off the highway onto the airport’s exit.
  • You probably parked in a parking garage.
  • You got got you luggage out of your car.
  • You walked into the airport.
  • You checked in at a check in desk or in some other way.
  • You may have checked a bag.
  • You went through a security check.
  • You waited for the appropriate plane to arrive from one of the other thousands of airports in the world.
  • You boarded your plane with dozens of other people.
  • You found your seat.
  • You took off.
  • You landed.
  • You got off of the plane at another airport.
  • Someone met you there to pick you up or you rented a car.

All of that because a couple of people were willing to dream…
were willing to put all the chips on the table for a single idea.

And it changed transportation forever.
It changed industry forever.
It changed how the world was ran forever.

What good idea do you have that you need to act on?
That you need to develop more?
That you need to share with someone else that can help you?

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