Are Pastors Really Full Of It?

I was blind-sided by this tweet a week or two ago.

The tweet came out of nowhere and was sent from someone I haven’t had any previous interaction with on twitter. I had just started following them the day before.

What concerns me?

It’s not that this was sent to me or that I took it personally…
I certainly didn’t.

It’s that this person has formed an opinion from past experiences.

From his past experiences and his interactions with pastors and those that the pastors lead, he’s thought that they were full of ‘it.’ He hasn’t seen anything in them to indicate that he needs to listen or even respect them.

I would say (from the other things I’ve seen from this person) that he thinks this of all believers.

Why? because he can’t see how what they believe is relvant to their life… it’s all just a bunch of hogwash.

Faith lived out changes this opinion.

This person, being impacted and accepted by people that live out their faith is all that will ever turn this opinon around.

So, it makes me ask myself a question…
it should probably make us all ask ourselves a question.

Are we contributing to these types of opinon?


Are we helping turn them around?

What will I be doing today?

What do you think? Do you think this is a popular opinion? How do we change this? 


  1. John Bates

    I think about this every day. Artie and Georgie’s word, craveable, has really helped me distill the essence of what I want to be. Somedays I do better than others. Some I probably fail miserably. We all need to strive to remember what we reflect. Thanks for the post.

  2. Sadly living out our faith is not enough in my opinion. How many Bible-believing Christians do you have in your church who live out their faith but do it in such a way that they come across as being completely weird? Our faith is supposed to be relevant, to positively affect those around us, yet I personally know Christians who are the very worst advertisement for our faith because they just freak people out. Or have no idea of how the world outside church works?

    Live out your faith – yes, definitely. But make it relevant and approachable or you will still fail to live out the Great Commission.

  3. I think the only way to change this mindset is to live openly in faith in a secular space. I know quite a few folks are surprised when I talk of God during speeches about medicine. But when they follow me on different social media channels they see I am on a mission driven path, and begin to respect faith even if they do not themselves believe.

  4. I don’t know if this is a popular opinion, but it’s certainly one I’ve been tempted to form at times. Even though my husband is in ministry, I had a very bad experience with a pastor growing up and it still taints my church experience to this day. Some days I think I am walking in victory free from it and other days it slaps me in the face.

  5. Donte Johnson

    We have to keep in mind that Satan is the acursser of the brothen, people are going to always have something to say about your walk in the Lord. They did it to Jesus, that’s why the Bible says to work out your own salvation with fear and terrible. We have to know that we know that we are truly in God.

    1. That’s a great point too, Donte. Not everyone liked Jesus. I do think, though, that he walked in a way in which he was free from guilt because he was obeying the Father. Like you said, we have to work out our salvation knowing we’re walking with God.

  6. What is so sad is that all people see is the bad stuff about pastors and other religious leaders, ie. the Catholic priest scandal. I think that our religious leaders need to be living their faith OUT LOUD in a big way. What I really think is that ALL Christians need to live their faith OUT LOUD so that we can show the world that all Christians aren’t like what they see on TV.

  7. You’re asking the right questions here and I agree with the responses. But I’m interested in something else as well: was this tweet motivated by anger over past experience (and needs some healing) or was it caused by the offense of the gospel itself? After all, there is a sense in which we certainly are full of it – we are still plagued by our sinful flesh and face temptation daily – but this is exactly the point of the gospel: there is grace for me and for you, and hope to be better through the leading of the spirit. We’re all on that journey together, from one perspective full of it but on the other hand hopeful of new, beautiful things in our lives.

  8. rojelio terrones

    I think you posting up, what was tweeted to you, shows, your immaturity. You coulda used another word, to describe, your topic. Not a nice thing, bro.


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