3 Places to Find Free iOS Apps

One of my hobbies (as lame as it may seem) is finding great new apps for my iPhone and iPad. As a self proclaimed ‘App Genius’, I’ve looked for ways to discover great apps and what other people think of them.

Even better, I’ve looked for great ways to discover great FREE apps and what people think of them.

That being said, I thought I’d share some of my genius with you today. Here are 3 great places to find great apps and great FREE apps…

Apps fire.



OK, your turn. What are your favorite apps for your iPhone, Android, MAC or any other device that I haven’t named that we need to know about? Share away!


  1. I’m an android user. I love productivity tools. Here are a few I use all the time:

    – Business calendar (great, intuitive calendar that shows text and simple design. Syncs with google)
    – DGT GTD (Getting things done task management and checklist tool.)
    – Evernote (does anyone NOT use this?)
    – WordPress (sometimes I write blog posts in draft form on my Android tablet then finish them on my computer within WordPress)
    – Dropbox
    – Google Drive
    – Thumb Keyboard (alternative keyboard to native Android keyboard – Must have for tablets)


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