A Plea to Church Leaders

A plea to church leaders…

  • Lead Pastors.
  • Executive Pastors.
  • Creative Pastors.
  • Youth Pastors.
  • Deacons.
  • Elders.
  • Bishops.
  • Lay Leaders.

Please give it your best shot… every shot.

I’m reminded week in and week out that many of our people are going through things and dealing with issues that we can only think about.

People come into our services that are on their last leg.

They’re about to give up on a dream.
They’re about to give up on their marriage.
They’re about to give up on God.
They’re about to give up on life.

What we do,
what we say,
how we say it,
the perception we give,

it matters.

Please give it your best shot… every shot.

Our mission is too important.
Our days are too tough.
Eternity’s too long.
Hell is too hot.
Life is too short.

For us to give everything but our best.

If you’re about to go into this weekend or your next service with anything other than the best you can do with God working through you, rethink it.

If you’re not prayed up and planned out, get that way.

What we do is too important.
What we do is too much of a responsibility.
What we do is too much of an honor.

Please give it your best shot… every shot.


  1. Eva

    Thank you! I hope that pastors are listening. The pastor talks each week for at least a minute or two about how much he loves, needs, appreciates, and trusts his wife. At that part of the service, no matter what’s going on, my husband holds my hand just a little tighter. I hope that pastors know that what they do and say means a whole lot.

  2. A great reminder. I was reminded today, “…the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” In HIS power I can give it my best today. Thanks for this reminder as well!

  3. You left out worship leaders. It’s been my experience that people will many times identify with WLs or Worship Pastors simply because of a percieved musical background (they enjoy the same kinds of music). If you are a Worship Pastor or Leader, you would do well to not ignore the spiritual side of what you do (outside of the church). Sounds almost redundant to me, as worship is really all about the spiritual, but ppl outside the church identify worship as all about the music. Learn to meet ppl where THEY are, not where YOU are. My .02.

  4. Great exhortation. It’s a high imperative that we take joy in what we’re doing, seriously. As C.S. Lewis stated, Joy is the serious business of Heaven.

    We need to take serious and give our best, at the same time find it utterly joyful to do so.


  5. Amazingly stated Jonathan. We all need to hear this – I love how you include the “lay leaders” I saw this last week this play out (in a good way). Very powerful when the “church” (not just “leadership”) catches this vision!


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