Curiosity didn’t kill the cat… Comfort Did

One of the fundamental requirements of a leader is to stay curious. – Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels made this statement at this year’s Global Leadership Summit.

Now, at first glance, it feels likes another one of those tweetable and catchy quotes that leadership types like to quote. If you think about it more, though, it really does make a lot of since.

In fact, on second thought, curiosity isn’t just a requirement for leadership, its a requirement for life.

Lose curiosity = losing out on life.

As I’ve thought about this quote over the last week or so, I’ve thought about what happens when we as leaders… When we as people lose our curiosity…

  • We get stuck in now and lose sight of what could be.
  • We lose a since of the purpose God has called us to.
  • We lose out on the joy of achievement.
  • We see success as something that only happens to other people.
  • We fail to form relationships that are vital to our life.

We are essentially left for dead without curiosity…

Without sight of the ‘what if’ or the ‘what’s ahead’…
Without the desire to reach a goal.

So, are you curious?
Are you letting curiosity push you forward because you just have to know what’s left?

You should be.
I should be.

What kills curiosity? Why do you believe curiosity is important?


  1. John Bates

    I got stuck in “satisfied” and “good enough” for years. If you don’t pay attention God might have to shift you to a very uncomfortable place to get you moving again. Nice post.


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