Lessons From Furniture Shopping

A few weeks ago, Melissa and I moved into our new home.

It’s our first house purchase (still a little overwhelmed with that debt deal) and we wanted to make it as nice as we possibly could for our budget.

Of course, one of the major ways to make a home comfy is the furniture. So, Melissa and I set out to look for furniture.

We found the perfect living room set, but not without learning some things along the way.

Here are 2 lessons I learned while furniture shopping….

1. Many choices, one decision
There are 3,545 furniture stores in Columbia, SC. Okay, not that many, but a lot for sure. Within those stores, there are countless options for couches, recliners, chairs, and tables. However, there was only one set that we thought was ‘the one.’

It’s that way in life a lot of times. There are many choices that we COULD make. There’s usually only one choice that is the perfect choice for us. That’s why it’s essential that we listen for God.

Don’t make the wrong choice, make the right decision. Prayer, other people, and patience often help in that.

2. Delivery is always better
Some people probably want to go to the store and pick up their newly purchased furniture. Not me. Delivery is always better for me. I’d rather someone else bring it and do the heavy lifting.

Don’t forget to deliver. If you or I make a promise, we need to deliver on it. If someone is expecting something from us, we need to do the heavy lifting and deliver on it. Delivery is essential to integrity and success… just like furniture.

Any to add?


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