Why I Often Think About Quitting My Blog

…because the things I often write about, I fail to practice…

  • Caring too much about what other people think
  • About acting instead of talking
  • About removing distractions from our lives
  • About helping the millennial generation understand Christ

Those are some of the things I’ve blogged about in the past 3 months. At the time, they were all something God was teaching me and I was doing really good with.

For a while…

But for some reason, I find myself often trying to revert back.
I find myself practicing less and just blogging more.

Why I Haven’t Stopped Blogging

Because that’s the struggle.

Paul talked about it in Romans.
We want to do the right thing. We know the right thing. But we struggle to actually DO the right thing.

I blog about them because they give me some sort of accountability. If I tell you about what God is telling me about, I find myself making more of an effort to keep it in place.

So, I hope you don’t mind if I just keep going…
Keep talking.
Keep writing.
Keep learning.
Keep messing up.
Keep growing.
Keep blogging.

Hope you’ll keep reading. :)


  1. John Bates

    I agree. Writing about my struggles keeps them in the forefront of my mind. That’s what keeps me working to get better. It’s very easy to allow the hard things to drift back and become unnoticed.

  2. Really, my friend, you mustn’t scare me like that with talk about you quitting your blog! :)

    Writing about your Christian experience and God interactions can not only be a form of accountability, but encouragement for others as well as ourselves.

    Glad you’re going to keep going!

    1. hahaha… my bad. Yeah, it definitely keeps me pushing through and trying to learn more. I, like all of us, fail a lot. The last thing I want to be is a hypocrite. That’s the real struggle I guess.

      Don’t worry, I’m not quitting anytime soon.

      Thanks, Patrick!

  3. Robin

    I really like to read your blog cos you are so real, and this recent blog attests to that. Keep up the good work. Love you tons.

  4. Thank you for being transparent, Jonathan. It’s encouraging to know I’m not alone on this one. :)

    Blogging/writing has been an adventure I didn’t really take seriously until January 2011. Since then it’s opened doors and connected me with people I never imagined. It’s a rich community and a lot of fun. However, it’s also hard work and takes time so patience and dedication are a must.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Donte Johnson

    Let’s look at it like this, who’s more important God’s thought of you or man’s? It’s good to share what’s going on in our live but we can’t get consumed with the opinions of people. God has the last say.


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