3 Signs of A Good Critic

We all have those people in our lives that like to tell us how what we’re doing isn’t quite up to par. You know, these are the people that often begin sentences with statements like…

“That’s not how I’d do it, I’d…”
“What if you did this…”
“That’s all you’ve got?”

The problem? Some of these people aren’t good to have in our lives. Some of these people just want to tear us down and dash our excitement and passion. For whatever reason, some critics have a bone to pick with us and aren’t happy unless they’re making us miserable.

The truth? These people aren’t always bad to have in our lives. In fact, I think they’re down right necessary for anyone that wants to improve and get better.

The decision? To decide who to listen to. To distinguish who is looking to quench our fire and who’s looking to genuinely help us get better.

Here are 3 things I’ve found that all good critics have. These 3 things are always present in those people that truly want to see us get better and succeed. Listen to people that…

1. Speak love
If you’re going to allow people to give you direction, be sure they do it in love. Now, don’t confuse tough love with lack of love. Some people love, but love tough. Listen to those people. See how they love you and try to do what they say. They’ll make you better because they care about you too.

2. Speak scripture
I’m not saying they quote verses after every suggestion or critique. I’m saying that a good critic is careful to speak biblical principles into your life. They help you maintain a high level of integrity and moral value. They help you get ahead by holding your hand to the fire when you begin to wonder off from the truth.

3. Speak life
Real and good criticism makes us want to get and do better. It speaks truth, but also impassions us to go higher and raise the bar. It doesn’t crush our spirits, but gives wind to our wings. Find people that speak life.

OK, those are my 3. Add to the list. What does a good critic do? Do you have these people in your life? How have you found these people helpful in the past?

2 thoughts on “3 Signs of A Good Critic

  1. A good critic will also encourage. Someone who only says negative or critical things doesn’t earn the right to do so. An encourager by their normal positive reinforcement earns the right to challenge or constructively criticize.

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