Do You Have to Tell People You’re A Leader? Then You’re Probably Not

Being a young leader, I know that one of the greatest things I can do right now is observe more experienced leaders and the situations they act in. To survey what happens, how they react, and how they lead. As I do that, I’ve come to notice…

If you have to tell people you’re the leader, you’re really not.

That’s the difference between carrying a title and being a leader.

In the heat of the situation, when the most is at stake, leaders are distinguished because they’re the ones that go out first, serve first, and others follow. A real leader doesn’t have to convince people when the time is right to go in the direction they want them to… they just do it.

If you’ve noticed, there are certain people that just seem to bring calm and direction to just about any situation when they’re in their element. These people are the leaders. Not the one with the title.

So, think you’re a leader?

Are people following? Or are you having to remind people that they must submit because of your title?

Real leaders don’t have to tell other people they’re leaders… they just give direction and lead.


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