3 Things Your Sabbath Shouldn’t be Without

I wrote this post for RookiePastor.com a few days ago. I thought I’d pass it along here to you as well. If you have a second, though, I’d highly recommend RP.com! On to the post…

I know the temptation. Every young or rookie pastor goes through it. It’s the “If I do more and take on more and do it well, I’ll get to where I want to go quicker.” It’s easy to do… and it’s good thinking… to an extent.

Sure, as young and green pastors and leaders, we have to work hard. We have to be dedicated to our church, our people, and our God. God doesn’t excuse lazy and we’ll never get ahead with a “Just get by” attitude.

That being said, though, God did give us a command to keep the ‘Sabbath’ holy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I won’t be legalistic and say that it has to be a certain day of the week. For Pastors, it’s not Sunday because we work on Sundays… we work hard. However, God put this Sabbath command in the midst of all the other ones that we Christians consider essential. In the middle of forbidding us to kill and steal and sleep around is the command to keep the Sabbath holy.

That goes for you too… young or rookie pastor!

You and I must find a day to rest… to be… to have a Sabbath. That may look different for each of us. Each of us have a different way of being, of refreshing ourselves, and of resting up. Whatever it looks like, a good Sabbath has these 3 elements (this is my opinion, don’t go looking for these verbatim in scripture, seminary grad …

1. A good Sabbath lets us unplug

Simply put, we unplug from that stuff that tends to drain us. That may be your email, your twitter, your phone, your computer, your Facebook, or whatever else you that tends to drain and distract. Instead of being ‘plugged in,’ consider taking a walk outside, go on a photo walk (I love these with my iPhone!), or whatever else can take the place of this time. Fill up by unplugging.

2. A good Sabbath lets us refresh

Spiritually, physically, emotionally, whatever. Just refresh your mind and body. This doesn’t necessarily mean we do nothing, but something that relaxes us.

3. A good Sabbath lets us grow

Now, it’s important that this means we grow with Christ and hear from God, but I also believe it’s important that it allows us to grow our relationships with the people close to us. We’re meant for relationship. Nothing helps me grow and relax more so than spending time with other people… it can also help me talk through a multitude of problems that I can’t think through without thinking out loud.

Never underestimate the importance of this time in your week.

It’s so important.

Guard this time, schedule this time, and value this time.

Any other suggestion for good Sabbath stuff?


  1. Joy Pirone

    Over a period of time, I have come to regard the Sabbath as a time of “stillness” which is necessary for us to hear God. We literally have to stop “doing” so we can achieve the restful dreamlike state that facilitates the communication. This can be really hard for most able-bodied people who are brimming with life and energy, particularly if they have not been raised this way. It takes a while but it is so worth it, particularly if you are experiencing chaos or confusion or problems that need answers that can only come from God…..The practice of the Sabbath rest can bring a sense of deep peace to the life of a Christian. There’s no cause for guilt associated with taking this time-out as it was instituted by God himself as a way for (his) people to connect with him…..I often wonder how much better-off the world would be if everyone just stopped to be quiet, properly quiet every so often, and tuned in to the great “I AM”! I know that many Christians are uncomfortable with the practice of Eastern meditative techniques as am I. And I do not belong to a cult or group either. I am speaking purely from my own experience of this matter. I hope it is of help to someone.


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