5 Ways to Get People Talking on Social Networks

One of the main reasons for signing up for twitter or joining Facebook is the conversation.

If you work for a business or church and part of your job is managing the social networking side of things, you want conversation even more. You want traffic, interaction, and followers.

Here are 5 ways to maximize your personal social media efforts and your church or business’s…

1. Speak to your audience.
You have to find your voice. Whether you’re a stay at home Mom, a teacher, a Pastor, a receptionist, CEO, etc, you have certain people that you want to connect and interact with. You have a target audience that you want to comment and interact with regularly. Remember that as you tweet, update, pin, and circle. Speak to your audience.

2. Ask Questions.
This is the easiest way to receive feedback on just about any platform. Ask questions you know the answer to. Ask questions you’re clueless about. Ask question just for fun. Just be careful asking for opinions of you or your business… you may just get an honest answer for the world to see. :)

3. Give something away.
Everyone likes free stuff. Those people that follow, like, or friend you are the same way. Want to generate traffic and conversation? Give something away. One of the best things you can give that won’t cost you much is a free ebook. An ebook about your passion topic that targets your audience is a great way to connect and interact.

On twitter? Even start a hashtag about your ebook. As people RT and comment, the hashtag may (not definitely) spread and garner other attention.

4. Quote with a link.
I’ve started doing this with blog posts on this site and MillennialLeader.com. Tweet or post a catchy and good quote (once again that targets your main audience) and put a link at the end. Studies show that tweets with links are more likely to get retweeted. This will generate social media and web traffic.

5. Be Real.
This may be the one that most church, organizations, and businesses miss out on the most. You have to be real with your voice. It’s okay to offer humor and ‘real life’ things on occasion. It shows your personality. Just remember, you don’t want to alienate you target audience.

OK, those are my 5. Do you have anymore?

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