What Do You Do When the Unexplainable Happens?

What happened Thursday night in Colorado was horrific. It’s one of those events that you never even imagining happening until it does.

How could it have happened?
Why did it happen in Aurora Colorado rather than in your town?
Why did innocent people die?
Why were children involved?

Where was God in it all?

We’re left with those questions and a lot of ‘what do we do now’s.’ For the families of the victims, it will be years of wondering and thinking about that night.

What do we say about it?
For Christians, what do we tell people when something like this happens and they ask, “If God is good, how could he allow this to happen?”

Truthfully, we may never know.

We see throughout scripture that God allows events for different reasons…

at the end of the day, though, I can’t claim to know why God does what he does… or how He does it for that matter. I can’t say that God is necessarily punishing someone, trying to get someone’s attention, is ushering in the end of times, or anything else… it’s not my place either.

At the end of the day, though, I can say for sure…

God is still God. God is still Good. God is still Grace.

I have to make peace in that.

That’s easy for me to say while sitting in South Carolina and having no one close to me involved. I don’t know the pain in this particular loss…

But I do know a God that watched His Son die on a cross.
I do know a Savior that paid dearly for crimes he never committed.

I do know that God wants to show and prove His love through me as I walk the earth today.
I do know that what we as Christ followers say isn’t nearly as important as how we portray Him.

I do know that…

God is still God. God is still Good. God is still Grace.

How about you… What do you say in a situation like this? What do you do when the unexplainable happens? Tell us in the comments.


  1. Brother John

    Praise the Lord for CO. The bigger cleansing is coming later. It won’t be by water this time…..but by Fire. So be ready!

  2. Brother John

    Got a serious question for you Jonny:

    You’re a modern pastor right, with all kinds of pontification.

    If Jesus was here today would He preach behind your pulpit on your platform? Would He sit in your church? Would He be a modern pastor? Would He sit in any church…..let’s say A Vineyard?

      1. Brother John

        Jon, you do? Really !? Of course you do, that’s why you think you need to write these shallow blogs…..along with the religious, shallow, sappy responses.

  3. Pam

    As an adult I’ve often prayed “Why God?”. Even though it is not meant for us to know or understand we still question. I’ve always believed when something like this happens it’s because of a badly chosen fork in the road – that choice not only affects the person that makes the choice but many others. God has a plan for us – but we often ignore or challenge and it ultimately changes more lives than our own. Screwed up thinking? It’s made me think twice before saying, doing or taking action many times. And I’ve made the wrong choices and seen the results. Ultimately it’s our fault – not God’s. He gives us the grace to recover and make things right. Not destroy.

  4. Often times I won’t say anything – I will just exist for the person/people. I will let them know by my presence that I care and am available. Most of the time the people know who I live for. As they move through the different stages of grief, then I am permitted by them to minister as needed. Some times all that people need during the most difficult times in their lives is to just have some one show that they are cared for by actions, and not words.


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