From the Inside Out: So Much More Than A Catchy Tune

I love the song ‘Inside Out.’ It really does capture the essence of growing in Christ unlike most other worship songs. I think we can hear the song, sing the song, and learn the song without understanding the full meaning.

Regardless of what we read in scripture, we see the inside out principle at work…

Without true transformation of the heart and a passion for Christ, our good behavior and greatest intentions quickly fade away.

Think of it like this…

When our behavior (outside) is what we work on, it can sustain off of sheer will, but will eventually collapse… there’s nothing pushing it back out, nothing helping to sustain us.

When our heart (inside) is transformed by Christ, we’re constantly being sustained on the outside. That’s why walking with Christ MUST be a daily activity in the life of a believer.

Will tough times come even if we’re being transformed by Christ? Absolutely… probably even more so.
Will we somehow find the strength to ‘not grow weary of doing good?’ You bet you.

So, what are you changing? Outside or Inside.

Chances are if you find yourself constantly frustrated at your inability to sustain change, it may be because you’re working outside – in.

Let your passion and position with Christ change your performance with people.


  1. I totally agree. I love the song and use it often not just because I really like the song but more importantly because of what it can mean to the believer. As a worship pastor, I look for songs that speak to the discipleship process. This lines up and fits beautifully. All too often people are guilty of trying to overcome their issues themselves and give up because it is impossible. Surrendering to Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to make a life change at the heart is the only way to see victory in habitual behavioral areas of our lives. I like to refer to it as (and teach my worship team)…Live your song…sing your life. Worship is not about the music anyway.
    Thx for the post!


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