The Future: What Worries Us and Drives Us

Most people seem to have a fascination with the future.

The future is one of those things that most of us think about everyday. Whether we’re saving money for the future, praying about the future, or fearful of the future, most of us have it on our minds.

For those of us that are younger, the future brings an entire different component. We look at the future and imagine what we’ll do, the impact we’ll make, and what the world will look like.

No matter our age, though, the future is always in front of us (pun intended).


I think it’s ultimately about the future destination.

We fix our eyes on it and focus on it because it’s unknown…
because it shows us how out of control we really are.

The future both excites and worries us.

It excites us because the possibilities are endless. The future has the potential to look so much better and so much more fulfilling than the present.

It worries us because the possibilities are endless. The future is out of our control. In just a second, something can happen that changes our perspective and leaves us paralyzed by the situation.

We’re fascinated with the future and we’re driven by it… positively or negatively.

Today, I’m going to allow the future to propel me to greater and better. I’m going to choose to let it excite me because I know Who holds it. Because of that, I don’t have to let it worry me or paralyze me.

My future is bright.
So is yours.
That should allow us to make the most of the present. 

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  1. Born27

    We are all worried for our future. as much as possible we want to work hard today for our future to become more successful and stable. Our future serves us our power booster in order to strive harder.


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