Don’t Lose the Father

When I was 8 years old, my family took me to the family festival. You know, one of those festivals that all smaller towns have with crafts and entertainment. Well, we had been there for an hour or so when I forced my family to the puppet tent. I was watching the demonstration when I kept hearing my mom tell me it was time to move along. After asking me several times (and using all 3 of my names like moms do) she told me to move with them to another spot. Thinking I had followed, my parents went along believing I was with the other one.

After a couple more minutes of puppet watching, I turned around to say something to my mom and realized she wasn’t there… No one I knew was around!

I panicked!

I started looking everywhere. After what seemed like an hour, I finally found a police officer and told him I was in trouble. He asked me a few questions like what color shirt my folks had on and found them in a matter of minutes. They were in a crowd of people by the main stage. I couldn’t see them. All I could see was the back of a bunch of onlookers. The police man could see so much more.

His perspective allowed him to see over the back row of people.

I think we live like this sometimes.

We seek God, we wait on God, but we cant see him working.

We have the promise from him that hes going to take care of us and provide for us, but from our perspective, we dont see it. We dont see the promise in the midst of the percieved problems.

Today, trust Him even when you see nothing but a bunch of backsides.

What are you trusting God for today? I’d love for you to share in the comments.


  1. Great reminder, Jonathan. I’ve been trusting God in the waiting. My dad had a stroke a couple weeks ago and I’m finally able to head home to see him later this week. I’ve had a couple weeks of feeling powerless to help. I need to keep my eyes on THE Father, trusting that He sees the whole picture.

  2. Thalia

    Trusting is very important especially when it is for God.. We should love Him and be with Him always.. Thank you for the shared thoughts..

  3. DynaLou

    Have faith in Him always and trust is very important.. If we don’t believe in Him, then we can never get the things we are asking from Him.

  4. Jessica

    This is a very beautiful blog. Very true, we seek God, we wait on God, but we cant see him working. That’s why we have to trust him.


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