Mostly Minority: How the Church Must Adapt

I don’t know if you saw, but last week, new Census data showed that more minority births were reported than non-hispanic white births. It’s the first time ever that over 50% of births have been minorities.

First off, I love this.

I love that we’re becoming more diverse ethnically as a society. I think it leads to new experiences, steps our of our comfort zones, and new ways to connect with each other.

Reading this story, though, I couldn’t help but think about the local church.

If the local church is going to reach the world (which we MUST), we’re gonna have to do it with people that don’t look like us and often don’t act like us either.

We’re going to have to reach people that we’re not used to having relationships with…

We’re gonna have to get comfortable being uncomfortable until it’s no longer uncomfortable.

It’s the only way.

You see, when something like this is brought to light, we have a choice as Christians in the Church…

We can let it educate us and leverage it,
or we can ignore it.

We have to recognize and be intentional about reaching the WORLD.

Is the local church you go to ‘diverse’? What steps does the Church as a whole need to take toward reaching a more diverse crowd and generation? 

[You can read the story about the Census data here.]


  1. My “home” church is growing in diversity, and (being in one of the fastest growing cities in the USA) has more and more future opportunities.

    Our local church is not. No local churches are. Sadly, I think that only a few are open to and wanting to have more diversity.

    But, there will be no long-term change in Allendale County unless the black churches and white churches can serve together, and have a deep relationship with each other.

    1. Yeah. It definitely requires EVERYONE being willing to change and work together. From the looks of this and what the younger generation is doing, those churches that aren’t willing to do this may be closing the doors soon.

  2. This was very interesting! My wife & I have been trying to get planted in a multi-cultural ministry because that reflects the Kingdom & that’s what Heaven will look like. This hit me at the core of my heart as for the past 2 years I’ve been applying for full time positions at mostly predominantly caucasian churches who say they’re multi-cultural. My 8 yrs of ministry experience didn’t take presidence over the color of my skin or my lack of a degree. I know that because the answer was always “you don’t fit what we’re looking for”. I believe ministries that aren’t embracing diversity are really missing the heart of God (unless there’s a language barrier). I often wonder how God feels about the state of most churches today.


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