How to Ensure That You’re Never Stretched or Challenged

you're never challenged

Want to live an easy life that involves sitting behind a desk or at home and doing absolutely nothing that makes any kind of real difference in the grand scheme of life or eternity?

Here’s the secret…

Do nothing and be around people that do nothing.

It’s really that easy. If you don’t want to be stretched, don’t ever try anything new…

  • You can have ideas, but never act on those ideas to try to make them a reality.
  • Have dreams, but never share them with anyone else that might push you to shoot for them.
  • Be around people that are just like you, not people that challenge your thinking.

Now, I know that you or I never one would really take this seriously,
we’d never admit that we didn’t want to do anything significant,
but I sure live like it some time.

I have great ideas, but I’m too lazy to follow them to completion.
Sometimes, I dream dreams, but I’m scared of the consequences of going for them.
I like people that are like me and that only build me up.

But that’s not what I’m called to do.
That’s not being a good follower of Christ.
That’s not being a good steward of ability.
That’s not being a good leader of self or other people.

Don’t be afraid of stepping out and trying what’s new.
Don’t fear what ‘might’ happen, anticipate what COULD happen.

Don’t be afraid to make an impact.
Don’t be afraid of being stretched.

What keeps you from stepping out? Fear? Comfortablity? What is it?

[For more about getting out of your comfort zone, read my post here.]

5 thoughts on “How to Ensure That You’re Never Stretched or Challenged

  1. Hi Jonathan.. I agree with Joey.. Fear is definitely one of the reasons why we step out and even self-confidence..

  2. To have a self confidence you have to over come your fear. This is really nice post! I love it.

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