10 Times to Get Blog Ideas

One of the common asked questions I hear goes something like…

“How do you find enough stuff to blog about?”

Well, it’s not always easy to recognize, but blog ideas are really all around us all the time. I think this is true of sermon ideas, creative ideas, and any ideas you need. They’re all around you. Here are some of the places I find things to blog about…

News sites. – There’s always a crazy news story or something out there that has a hidden lesson or conversation topic in it. The key is finding the right ones that you can easily talk about.

Quote sites. – We’ve all googled “great quotes” or something to that effect to find something good to tweet. Why not do it to find something good to blog about? Find a good quote and expound on it some for your readers. Find something that goes with your topic and run with it.

Other blog sites. – Yep, the best place is to sometimes find someone else that you can gain inspiration from. This is often the case whether we realize it or not. People’s ideas are often sparking our own. Just look for it.

Sports T.V. – Not all sports stories are about spoiled rich people making way too much money… there are ‘blogable’ sports stories out there. Things that are worth gleaning from.

Conversations. – Everyday conversations often help us think through things we wouldn’t normally think about. When you step away from the conversations, make a quick note of it so you can blog about it later (caution, don’t share personal information that was trusted to you… a blog post isn’t worth causing distrust).

Music. – Different music lyrics and styles can cause ideas to come to our mind. Use a few lyrics and make them a blog post.

Newspapers. – Kind of like the news sites, newspapers make great thought provokers.

Bible. – Duh!

Movies. – Of course, there are tons of hidden life lessons in all movies. Use these to write blog posts… if the idea has less to do with them movie, you don’t even have to quote the movie… that makes it easy to jot down and write about later.

While driving. – Driving is when some of my best thinking occurs. Maybe that’s because there’s really nothing else to do, but it births a lot of blog posts. Get a passenger to jot them down or speak them into a voice recorder… just make sure you capture enough of the thought that you can remember what was going through your head at the rich time.

OK, add to the list. Where do you get your best blog ideas or sermon illustrations?

[You can read about my social media and blogging strategy here.]


  1. This might be a bit TMI – but I get ideas a lot in the shower, probably because there is nothing else distracting me at that time.

    Also just life experiences. I tend to get inspiration for blog posts from what I’m going through and what God is speaking to me. Most of my posts are actually what I need to hear about a certain topic.

  2. Taking a prayer walk around the neighborhood always proves to be an inspirational time. I think being alone, getting exercise & fresh air, and looking up at the huge sky has something to do with it. Thanks for the post Jonathan! :o)

  3. Sometimes I get ideas from church messages, songs, situations that I’m in, the newspaper, other blogs, Facebook (drama), I could go on. A suggestion…write your ideas down as soon as you think of them, otherwise they’ll be lost when you want to write. I forget more ideas than I write about. A shame too!

  4. Great article.

    There was a time when I had a type of phobia that made me think I would find the bottom of the barrel. The worst would happen:

    I’d run out of thing to write about.

    Much later I realized why this was impossible:

    I can’t stop having thoughts.


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