Vision Roadblocks

The above picture is from one side of the mall in my small city.

It was built about 15 – 20 years ago with gusto and a huge vision. Someone had a vision for this area of land that was beyond what I’d venture to say most believed was possible.

And so they acted on that vision. They took the initial step to see it through and built the mall in little Orangeburg, SC.

As you can see from the picture, that vision has lost its steam.

There’s a large department store location that sits empty, a parking lot that is usually void of cars, and storefronts inside that have gates over the doors year around.

What happened?

I’m not sure, but I have to believe that this isn’t what was dreamed up when the place was constructed.

Somewhere, the vision was lost…

Maybe it was in the follow through of the location,
Maybe the team in charge of developing the building dropped the ball,
Maybe the ground work wasn’t done well before it was constructed.

Whatever it was, there was a vision roadblock along the way.

The vision died.

That can happen with us too if we’re not careful..

The vision for our lives,
the vision for our family,
the vision for our church,
the vision for our marriage,
the vision for our startup business,
can die quickly if we don’t work through the road blocks and put peole and things in place to see it through.

It can’t die with you or with the initial implementation.

We have to push through,
we have to see it through.

What kind of vision roadblocks have you experienced? How can we avoid them? Share in the comments.

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