Who Are You?

I found an interesting article on CNN.com the other day (found here). The article says,

More than a year ago, Steve Carter was browsing online and came across a missing children’s website. To his astonishment, after clicking through the pages, he found himself. What followed was a yearlong story of self-discovery.

The short story is that this guy discovered that he went missing as a child, but never realized it. He was really someone he didn’t even know he was.

Who are you?
Who am I?

I know what we like to answer. We like to think that we’re…


That’s what we display to the people we come in contact with throughout the day.

My real question, though, is who are you REALLY? What do you display?

Have we gotten so good at faking we’re someone we’re not that we’ve convinced ourselves of the same?

You see, I’ve noticed something about myself…
Until I realize and admit that I’m a lttle messed up, I can’t get any better.

So, who are you?

I’ll go first, I’m a little selfish and impatient.

{Note & Edit: Pierre brings up a great point in the comments… we ARE NOT defined by what we do, but our actions display what we mostly believe. So, maybe a better way of asking the question is.. What actions/attitudes do you have that fail to accurately display who you are in Christ?}


  1. I am inconsistent and lukewarm.
    Fortunately, God gives us opportunity after opportunity to get it right. He is patient with us; we need to be patient with ourselves.

  2. I’m impatient and selfish. Those are the negative things that display my behavior. I’m loving, accepting, kind, and giving. Those are the positive things that display my behavior. I’m working on displaying more of the positive and less of the negative; it’s a battle.

  3. I would argue that if we’re not defined by what we do then what are we defined by?

    I’m serious though. I might say I’m not a liar or identify with being a liar, but if I lie guess what? I’m a liar.

    Our actions and behaviors are choices we make and tangibly manifest who we are and in turn shape and define us.

    Just ask anyone what they DO for a living and 9 times out of 10 they will say I AM a “_____” (accountant, bus driver, salesman, etc)

  4. Nica

    Well for me this is very shocking! We actually never knew where our roots are unless we look for it.. Sometimes there is something good that really happens to us..


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