Pictures in the Dark


I am not a photographer. One of my hobbies, though, is taking pictures with my iPhone. When the opportunity arises or I see a good chance to get an Instagram photo, I'll take a picture of just about anything in just about any situation. I've gotten fairly good at recognizing when a good time to take a photo pops up. One of the things I've noticed about taking the clearest … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Questions Are Better Than Answers


Everyone is looking for answers. No matter who you are, what you do, or where you go, there are questions that you want answers to. Whether those questions are deep and thoughtful questions, or they're just random "why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?" type questions, we all want answers (Now you're really wondering about the glue thing right?!). But, what … [Read more...]

Is Our Smartphone Making Us Stupid Crazy?


According to Leslie Perlow's upcoming book, "Sleeping with Your Smartphone: How to Break the 24-7 Habit and Change the Way You Work," the mobile devices that many of us carry could be making us less productive and less happy in the long run. According to this post that I came across a few days ago in the Harvard Business Review, people that put their smart phones down after … [Read more...]

Never Got That Far In Our Dreams


"I never got this far in my dreams." Those were the words Bubba Watson said to Jim Nantz during an interview after Bubba Watson won his first ever Master's this past Sunday. I was watching the interview at the time and heard Watson say those words and immediately thought... what happens when we live beyond our dreams? The truth is, we talk so much about dreaming big, having … [Read more...]

Know the Culture. Use the Culture. Reach the Culture.


A few weeks ago, my wife and I were at the mall and walked by the Ghost Armor kiosk. I had heard of Ghost Armor and heard some pretty good reviews from people that had used it, so I stopped by the kiosk. I walked up to the guy working and asked a few questions and told him I'd think about it and let him know. He gave me his card and said something really brilliant (at least I … [Read more...]