Jesus Wasn’t Perfect, You Won’t Be Either

Everywhere Jesus went, people had the opportunity to come near to him.

He was the walking, living, and breathing Son of God.
He was the Savior, the One.

But yet, not everyone believed.

Jesus called the crowds to him and said,

follow me ALL who are weary.

Jesus chose 12 people to invest in and raise up over the course of his 3 years of ministry.

He invited everyone, he invested in 12.

But not everyone followed him.

In fact, out of the 12 that he chose to spend the most of his time with, one failed enough that it lead to His death.

Jesus came face to face with the rich young ruler (Luke 18) and failed to have the young man completely turn and surrender to him.

Not everyone you try to show Jesus will accept him.

Jesus wasn’t perfect in getting people to follow him, you won’t be either.
I won’t be either.


Jesus still died.
He still rose.

You and I have to keep going. Sure, that person that you’ve been trying to win to Christ may never accept, but keep trying. You won’t be perfect, but you can’t quit trying.

It’s your calling.
It’s mine.


  1. Lita

    Aaah, thank you..
    I was almost stressed for the fact that not all of the youth in my church had any interest in finding the real Jesus.
    I was always worried that they’re wasting time by only attending church to please their parents and not interested to feel the real Jesus…
    Sometimes I forgot, it’s Jesus job to change people’s heart, while our job is to serve people so they could understand God’s heart’s.
    Uh, I think I’m complicating my own thoughts, hahaha..

    Anyways, thank you so much.
    This has lessen my burden.
    Please keep the good work :)

      1. ken d

        OK, I’ll bite. Ephesians 2:10 says “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

        As a Calvinist, God will use you to call those who He preordained. What if, as the second half of this passage says, God prepared good works in advance for YOU to do that YOU are required to do in order for God’s predetermination to unfold?

        Certainly not trying to be provocative or pushy. Just a small slice of the thoughts that run through this fired up disciples head. And, alas, I have done the very thing I despise. Used a single verse to justify my argument. Please forgive me.

        And thank you JP. Very good reminder.

        1. Haha. You’re quite okay. I don’t mind at all. I’d ask if they still have no choice. Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t fully understand how God works. I see what you’re saying, but I also know that God wants NO one to perish… That Judas betrayed… Did he not have a choice? Did Peter when he denied. I think yes and no. Just my opinion.

  2. KC

    Jesus was perfect. He was God in human flesh, and to impose anything else, even for supposed shock value for attention, is incredibly foolish. You sir are belittling the Son of God with this wreck of a message.

    The Gospel was from its very conception, even before the fall of man, was designed to divide the world. As Jesus Himself said, He came to set father against son, mother against daughter, and to save those who will believe. That sir, is not a failure, but the divine will of a perfect God.

  3. I have to admit that the title of this post caught me a little off guard, but the message is great.

    Jesus was perfect in that He did not sin and lived a perfect life before God. However, He was not perfectly successful in our human terms.

    He had the power to make people follow Him, but He granted us free will (a whole other topic) to choose whether or not to obey.

    Thought provoking to say the least. :)

  4. Your title has really turned some heads. I’m not a Calvinist by any stretch, but love the perspective you’re taking here. Jesus was perfect or he wouldn’t have been a worthy sacrifice. However, some chose not to follow him because his message was a difficult one. “Give up everything and die with me.” That’s tough to follow through on. “My disciples will eat my body and drink my blood.” I’m out!

    I do like the angle you took with this post. Way to draw me in with a creative title! =)


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