Why #Twitter is Dead & 4 ways to Revive Your Twitter Stream

Because you are killing it by not being social.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, social media is only what you make it. If you and I see social media as a way to promote a brand or just push a blog, we’re missing the point. It’s about so much more than that.

Sure, social media may be a very effective way of marketing, but most people don’t like to be ‘marketed’ to. They want a relationship with the author of a blog or with the owner of a business. They want to feel like they have a contact with people through twitter… like they ‘know’ them.

For us regular people, being social is why we’re on social media in the first place. It’s not because we wanted to start a blog and tweet links or because we have something to sell, it’s because we want to be social… we want to share information and learn new things from new people that we talk WITH.

So, why is your twitter stream dead?

Because you haven’t been social.

That being said, here are 4 ways to revive your twitter stream…

1. Follow PEOPLE back – When someone follows you on twitter, follow back. I’m not talking about following everyone or everything, but the people that look like they’re on twitter for the same reason as you (to connect with other people), give a return follow to.

2. Respond to @ replies – Once again, you don’t have to respond every time you see and @ reply in your stream, but if someone is taking the time to talk to you specifically, respond back if it’s appropriate. It doesn’t take long and it lets people know you’re a real person and want to be social.

3. RT interesting stuff – If you see something good of someone else’s, RT it. Either the old or the new way works. This just lets people know that it’s not all about you… all about your links and your content.

4. Respond to interesting tweets – Don’t be afraid to @ people first. It’s not weird or stalkerish, it’s just social media. Promote conversation, approach others.

OK, what else has killed the twitter stream and how can we revive it?

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  1. A lot of good stuff here that I need to implament. Thanks for sharing. Personally I think more people should schedule tweets. Especially when they are tweeting posts that they are reading. Some people I find jamming up my feed because they are going through their feed reader. Just my thoughts…

  2. Thank you for this! Also, NICE redesign. Blog looks sharp and clean.

    Twitter is supposed to be like a cocktail party (to borrow a line from Jeff Goins) and an excuse to engage in conversation. I’d be interested to see if a social platform would succeed if links were disabled?

  3. Born27

    I think twitter won’d die that fast. Because nowadays, many of us are being hooked of our idols especially in Hollywood.

  4. Heidi19

    Hi Jonathan! providing us this useful information on how to revive your twitter stream is really a big help. I know that a lot of twitter users will benefit from this and i will surely follow all the advice that you’ve shared with us here. Thanks and i’m looking forward to read more from you.

  5. What’s “twitter”?

    lol, Good stuff again JP. Social means social, if you only push your agenda, people will think you are… well, only pushy. Great reminders of what SM is all about!


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