Stupid Grace

I was reading through the story of Joseph a couple of days ago… the part where he takes care of his brothers after he has the power… and had this thought…

It makes no sense that Joseph would take care of his brothers.

Absolutely none.

It’s stupid.

They sold him into flipping slavery!

But then, I heard this…

true grace doesn’t make sense.

True grace accepts a wrong and does right in return.
True grace realizes that God can use what’s meant for harm for something really good.
True grace is radical.
True grace is done without a personal agenda.

True grace is stupid.

It was when Joseph used his position to take care of his family.
It was when Jesus died in my place…
in yours.

I want to be stupid with grace.
To live grace out in a way that makes no sense to the people that feel it.

We all should.

Stupid Grace.


  1. I think the moment we believe we understand grace is when we show we just don’t get it. God’s grace is so absolutely crazy – that He would forgive me for what I’ve done and not give me that punishment I deserve?! That He has forgiven adulterers and murderers and satan worshippers. It’s absolutely nuts! But that’s what makes Him God, and not me.

  2. I love receiving stupid grace. And when I give grace, there is usually someone who thinks I’m stupid. Because I am. And I’m glad. Because that is what God is like. Oh amazing, stupid grace!

  3. Thank you for this post, Jonathan. I have been called stupid, naive by a friend before for believing in/showing grace, as much as I can humanely do. I still believe in it.


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