Pictures in the Dark

I am not a photographer.

One of my hobbies, though, is taking pictures with my iPhone. When the opportunity arises or I see a good chance to get an Instagram photo, I’ll take a picture of just about anything in just about any situation. I’ve gotten fairly good at recognizing when a good time to take a photo pops up. One of the things I’ve noticed about taking the clearest picture…

The best pictures are taken on overcast days.

Contrary to popular belief and what I first thought, really bright and sunny days aren’t the best time.


Because the sun causes a host of problems with a camera (some of which can be turned into a positive if done correctly).

The best pictures are taken in overcast weather. The truest form of what the photographer is trying to capture is seen in overcast weather.

It’s true with us too.

When things aren’t bright, sunny, and happy go lucky,
our truest character shows through.

When things pop up that darken the world around us,
others see us in our truest forms.

Our character is seen in the times that things aren’t perfect,
not bright,
not clear,
not easy.

It’s times when things are difficult that we get to show what we’re really made of.

Use those times.
Use those times to show the Christ in you rather than the perfect context around you.
Use those times to grow stronger and be used more.

Don’t fear the overcast days,
show out in them…

Let Jesus shine through you during them.

[I read about taking iPhone photos on overcast days a few months ago here.]

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