3 Reasons the Church Will NOT Lose My Generation

Last week, I wrote a post about how the church is losing a generation…
the millennial generation…
my generation.

Today, I thought I’d change the tone a little bit and give 3 reasons the church WILL NOT lose my generation…

1. Leaders will adapt.

I really believe that the Church is made up of great leaders with great vision that are willing to change if it means seeing lives and eternities change. I believe that these leaders will change method, programming, philosophy, etc to see that my generation hears the Gospel. It’s going to take us seeking God and begging God to give us wisdom, knowledge, and strength, but I believe we will… we must!

2. Christians will relate.

Christians will learn to relate to a generation that is different from every other. Christians will learn to relate to a group of people that have been raised on MTV, Disney Channel, and iPhones. They’ll learn that ultimately, my generation wants to be stimulated and wants real relationship. I really believe that Christians will grasp this and begin using it to reach a generation that so despeerately needs to hear about Jesus.

3. Jesus is King.

Ultimately, I hang on the fact that when Jesus is lifted up, He draws men to Himself. Ultimately, Jesus is King regardless and reigns forever. He promised that the gates of hell would never prevail. He is the king.

What are your thoughts?

[You can read last week’s post here.]


  1. Mike

    Which church?

    Your local one or the one denomination that still thinks its the one and only true church, behind which all Christians are united…despite the Protestant Reformation?

  2. Leaders will adapt and provide vapid empty edifices, providing ‘sermons’ along the lines of ‘Jersey Shore’, ‘Housewives of …’ or ‘American Idol’. The relationships will be practically non-existent (as most are today) and shallow, most looking for a hook-up.

    The truth will be buried and long forgotten in another generation. There will still be the church in name, but the truth will be gone, the reality of the faith and the hope is already dying.

  3. Joseph

    I found your site through the Gentlemint, and I like your short, sweet, and uplifting posts.

    I would say two things on this topic.
    1. Not to sound too morbid but… the old way of doing things is dying with the generation that popularized it. Our generation doesn’t have to learn how to relate to… itself. Being part of the church doesn’t make us not part of this generation. As long as we remember what speaks to us and what draws us to Christ then we shouldn’t have any problem conveying it to others.

    2. I think you could knock your list of three down to just the last one. God’s will, will be done. He will build his kingdom. He will do this despite the church’s many shortcomings.

  4. Good thoughts. I tend to agree with a previous commenter.

    I see #3 as actually being #1. And since Jesus is King and He will build His church, leaders will arise. Those leaders will convey the message to their generation because they will love the Gospel.

    The first two points of your post is what I call exegeting your culture.

    God bless brother!

  5. This begs the question what are we winning them to and what are they lost from? Much of the discussion is about the church. My contention is that it is not about the church losing them but them being lost from Jesus. That same focus is found when we start talking about reaching them. What are we bringing them to? The church or Jesus? That doesn’t mean the church is not important. The church is biblical and necessary but the priority and focus is Jesus, not the church. Jesus didn’t say if you lift up the church all will be drawn in, rather if he is lifted up he will draw all men to himself. I think it is important we frame this whole conversation correctly. Hope that is helpful and constructive.

    I am also very hopeful but not because of American Idol talent but because of God’s power and provision. We are not the first generation that seemed to be slipping. It is all over scripture from Judges to the time of Elijah…on and on we could go. In each case God knew how he was going to reignite passion in his people once again. God will do it again. I’m not in the least worried.

    1. Absolutely. I think it’s important that Jesus is the focus. However, the Church is God’s way and plan for reaching the world. That’s why I mention the ‘Church’ in the conversation. It definitely is all about Jesus. Thanks for calling that out.

      1. It is sad that people have an adverse reaction to “church” but that certainly doesn’t mean we discard it. Church is just as biblical as mission and evangelism. It is both/and rather than either/or. Seems like we have a hard time finding balance. Some go so missional that they stop meeting so much as a congregation in order to get out more. Others are so traditional that there really isn’t much mission at all. Both extremes are unhealthy. So I definitely don’t want you to think I am downplaying church, just trying to get to church through the appropriate means/focus…that being Christ. The old debates were more like winning people to this church vs. that church. I guess that is why the church is losing people doesn’t sound right to me because is it them being lost to the church or them being lost to Jesus that is of first importance?

    2. Okay, next to my family and my kids, this is my Passion topic! It’s what gets my juecis flowing.First and foremost, I believe that those statistics are proof that the church has fallen asleep. The church has narrowed itself into a corner and unless willing to adapt to some change, this statistic I fear will grow. Churches have been doing what they do because that’s the way it’s always been done. Some churches hold tight to Tradition. The church can never compete with culture. They will never win. Its just the way it is. But the church can certainly change from “doing” to having a strategy.If You read my “About” section on my blog, you’ll see a line where I wrote, “I bleed Orange.” I encourage you to check out http://www.whatisorange.com to learn more about that and to see where my firm stance on what the church should be doing.We (as in Us, Moms, Parents, etc) put So much responsibility on the Church for those poor statistics. I see it as a 50/50 deal. Parents need to wake up and realize that they are the primary spiritual leaders in their kids lives. The church is a “Partner” to you as a Parent. Or at least it should be. There in lies the problem. Churches are failing to see that they need to come along side of us as parents and support us and understand that what happens at home is far more important than what happens at church. I am a product of Christian parents, christian private schools and church all my life. I saw friends come and go within the church. From my experience, The leadership within the church are all on different pages. Nursery, elementary, youth and “big” church are all doing their own thing. There is no strategy. They are silo’d. I beg of the church to align themselves together with parents and have a strategy for how to get a child from birth through college not ever wanting to leave the church! It is possible. It just means people are going to have to adapt to change and let some things go. Sorry for the rant. I warned you that it was a Passion area for me. I could say so much more…. : )

  6. You’re last point is my favorite. Jesus is king! It’s not as if He’s ill equipped to reach a new generation. He has been faithfully seeking the lost for millenia. He’s not going to quit now. My faith and my hope for the next generation rest in Him. My prayer is that I am a faithful vessel for Him to use in that pursuit.


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